Posted on October 23rd, 2010 by Frederik

Unbelievable but true! Five years ago, on October 16, 2005, Toni Collette Online has opened its doors – and is still there :-) Much has happened since then. As I remember the website was done just in time for the release of “In Her Shoes”. Since then,Toni has formed a band and went on tour, has given birth to a child and has headlined a successful television show, for which she has won a Golden Globe and Emmy Award. It’s been a blast to cover Toni’s career over the years – and this website will continue to do so. I have to say that most recently I’ve lost touch to it a little bit – Toni has remained a private and out of the spotlight person to my utmost respect, so there hasn’t been much to report despite the run of “United States of Tara”‘s second season. On the other hand, this just gives the proper time to bring the site back at what it was aimed for – the most complete archive for Toni’s fans. As you can see, just in time for the 5th celebration, the site has launched in a new layout, and in the coming days, all subsites will be converted and brought back for your browsing pleasure. Enjoy your stay and check back soon!

One Response to “Toni Collette Online celebrates 5 years online!”

Congratulations on 5 years online Frederik! Needless to say you have done a fantastic job on this site, and I’m sure Toni would be grateful and proud. I love visiting (even though I’m not even a big fan of Toni!). Beautiful new layout too :)

Oct 26, 10 at 10:40 pm