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According to encore, Universal Pictures has announced production of P.J. Hogan’s Mental, to be shot in Australia.

Mental is The Sound of Music on acid, and it will reunite me with my favourite actor in the world, Toni Collette

Hogan told the delegates of the Australian International Movie Convention. Hogan said Mental is a film he’s been building up to for a long time, and it will allow him to express his “whinged life-long love of The Sound of Music” the way Muriel’s Wedding explored his “childhood obsession” with ABBA and My Best Friend’s Wedding used the music of Burt Bacharach. Mental will also reunite Hogan with his producers Lynda Moorhouse and Jerry Zucker. It was written for Collette and is based on “somebody that had a big influence” in Hogan’s life. It will be shot in early 2011, for a Christmas/January 2012 release.

  • bridget

    are auditions being held for this movie? if so where can i audition!

  • person :)

    There were online auditions but they are closed now. I sumbitted a video audition but I have no chance lol :P

  • alex

    hey bridget, the auditions are over now. my friend got a lead part in it though. she took the rest of her school term off to complete the movie! should be exciting

  • michelle

    the film crew were up the street from my house filming scenes for ‘mental’ the other day. They set out lots of blue and yellow sulo bins infront of all the houses. my son went down and was hoping to be seen as an extra in the background. we’ll wait and see! big fan of toni collette!

  • Penny

    My daughter tried for 2 parts, she’s been acting since she was 5, played a lead role at the IPAC,Wollongong, but we never heard back anything.